Report on online (Skype) Liquid Solidarity meeting, November 15, 2015

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Report on online (Skype) Liquid Solidarity meeting, November 15, 2015

We had an online Liquid Solidarity meeting through Skype on November 15, 2015.

BeeB, Colin Wright, Fred, insomnialex, Lambert Meertens, and Sam.

The future of LS

The first discussion point was about our goals for LS. We agreed that we see LS as a stepping stone to a more ambitious "Common Website". We can view LS as an incubator for experimental designs, being informed by whatever decisions and ideas we reach to together. Even if the Drupal version may not scale up, by the time that becomes a problem the software can be rewritten.

[Note added later by Lambert: Wikipedia was launched in 2001. Its user base quickly outgrew the original wiki software, which was written in Perl. Then a replacement was written in PHP and launched a year later. Within half a year it had to be rewritten again. All this went rather smoothly. Since then there has been a continual process of improvements but no more complete rewrites.]

We need more developers.

BeeB will bring a potentially interested Zillow programmer annex Kayactivist in touch with insomnialex.


We had some discussion on funding, but no conclusion was reached. Lambert was averse to outside funding but others had less qualms with that. We can revisit the issue when lack of money becomes an actual problem.

Future meetings

We'll conduct most discussions about LS through the LS website. We can continue to use the Online meetings topic in the Strategy forum for discussions about the how and what of these meetings. When someone feels it would be helpful to have a Skype meeting, they simple put up a doodle and issue a call for participation, putting a suggested agenda, or at least a description of the issues to be discussed, in the Online meetings topic.

(When setting up the doodle, at, make sure to select "Enable time-zone support" on the second page of "Time proposals".)


the full transcript can be found at LS Meeting Transcript

Thank you insomnialex for the

Thank you insomnialex for the full transcript. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Hope to see more of such amazing stuffs in future.

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