By and For Activists

Welcome to Liquid Solidarity, an online Commons by and for Activists

...developers, thinkers, talkers, collaborators, artists, writers, researchers, badasses...

If you are new to this site, be informed that we are in a development process. And, if you haven’t done so yet, you should start by reading the Vision and Participate statements to decide if this is something that peaks or speaks to your interest.

We seek the participation of all individuals and groups that loosely resonate with the Vision statement. Those words are not set in stone, but if you can find your work and beliefs of a better world somewhere within, that is all that is required.

However, this site is Powered by Participation! Simply put, it will be as useful as you and we make it.

In that, we are largely seeking those that want to contribute directly to the process of development. And, we are also seeking those that are simply seeking an alternative to default social networks, such as Facebook, for online organizing.